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You are a best-in-class real estate asset manager or developer with a track record of delivering high-quality projects and outsized returns. We are a fund management platform, with a vast network of investors hungry for high quality commercial real estate.

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Asset management revenue

Grow your existing asset management business by using Jasper as your go-to capital partner.

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Transaction fee revenue

We offer our operating partners a portion of the transaction fee applied to deal capitalisation.

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Performance incentives

Our operators are incentivised to drive value and maximise returns for Jasper’s investors through a promote or carried interest.

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Realise capital appreciation

Retain or acquire fractional ownership in the assets you operate on the Jasper platform; realise capital appreciation over time.

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Be given the freedom to succeed

We believe that skilled and experienced operators need the freedom to execute, we ensure our partnerships provide this.

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Spend time managing, not reporting

We are building a suite of software for our asset and property managers to help them efficiently manage acquisitions and assets.

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Become a partner

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