Build your wealth through commercial real estate investment

Jasper provides access to high-quality commercial real estate investment opportunities with low minimums, low fees, complete transparency, and liquidity.

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A new and better way to invest in commercial real estate

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Become a Jasper investor using a simple and intuitive registration process. It only takes a few minutes, and we are here to help you every step of the way.

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Purchase fractional ownership in high-quality commercial properties using a fully digitised investment process. Minimums start at just $10001.

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Track & manage

Property income is transferred directly into your bank account each quarter. Transparent reporting gives you clarity over performance and fees.

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Exit when needed

Potential to sell your investments to other investors on the platform, giving you unprecedented liquidity in a traditionally illiquid asset class3.

We have dramatically improved the investment experience

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Low minimums

Investors can purchase fractional interests in highly curated commercial properties, with very low minimums.

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Low fees

Technology provides efficiency, offering fees2 which are much lower than analogue alternatives.

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A secondary market will, in time, provide the opportunity to sell your property investments, providing unprecedented liquidity3.

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Complete transparency

Transparent reporting provides absolute clarity on fees and returns.

Suitable for investors of all types

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Start investing from as little as $10001. Rely on our extensive expertise to source high-quality properties for you. Our secondary market will, in time, allow you to sell your property investments as and when needed3.

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Diversify your capital across multiple high-quality commercial properties. Let us do the sourcing, due diligence, and management for you. Transparent reporting provides clarity on fees and returns.

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Leverage our data-driven model to help you deliver outsized investment returns. Benefit from real estate’s low volatility and cash flow while having complete control over your exposure. Access unprecedented liquidity for single asset ownership3.

Democratising access to a highly desirable asset class

History has shown that commercial real estate is the most important asset to building long-term, generational wealth. It’s outperformed major stock indexes over the last 20 years, and is significantly less volatile. Jasper provides the most efficient way to access this asset class.

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global commercial real estate outperforms equities in MSCI global index

Expertise & technology combined to surface the best opportunities

We have improved the traditional sourcing and diligence processes, leveraging data and machine learning to source unique investment opportunities. The ultimate goal of this approach is to provide our investors with higher returns and lower risk compared to analogue incumbents.

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Trust, security & compliance as a foundation principle

We ensure your data is secure, our investments are compliant with local regulations, you have the required information for tax purposes, and you have complete transparency over what fees you are charged and why.

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our business is built on-top of regulatory compliance and security principles

It’s a new and better way to invest in commercial real estate


Please note: Jasper's service offering is still in its development phase and subject to regulatory compliance.