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High-quality opportunities. Fractional ownership. Low fees. Low minimums. Improved liquidity.

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Dividends are transferred directly into your bank account. Transparent reporting of performance and fees.

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Our planned secondary market will give you unprecedented liquidity in a traditionally illiquid asset class3.

A digital platform for commercial real estate investing

High-quality opportunities curated by an experienced team

Our investment team has extensive investment experience leading some of the world's largest property funds for established firms such as Blackstone & Goodman. Their experience extends to over 1000 transactions for more than $9B worth of high-quality real estate.

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Lower minimums and fees, greater transparency

Our technology provides operational efficiencies, allowing us to offer low fees and minimums. Jasper’s fees are easy to understand and clearly articulated, we are committed to offering fair, efficient, and transparent investment products.

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True alignment between all parties drives performance

Jasper's model mandates that the Operating partner and Jasper’s directors co-invest alongside you on every deal. We believe this is the most effective way to align incentives between all parties and drive outsized returns. We all win together.

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A secondary market for unprecedented liquidity

A secondary market will, in time, provide our investors with the opportunity to sell their property investments3, providing unparalleled liquidity for direct property ownership.

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Trust, security & compliance as a foundation principle

We ensure your data is secure, our investments are compliant with local regulations, you have the required information for tax purposes, and you have complete transparency over what fees you are charged and why.

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