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Build a portfolio of high-quality commercial real estate assets sourced and managed by an experienced team. Enjoy low minimums, low fees, and improved liquidity.

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Easily invest in curated commercial real estate investments, with complete transparency, low fees, and improved liquidity.
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Low minimums and fees

Our technology provides operational efficiencies, these efficiencies mean we can offer you low minimums and fees. Minimums start at just $5000.

Experienced team icon

An experienced team

Our leadership team's experience extends to over 1000 transactions for more than $25B worth of commercial real estate.

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Improved liquidity

Private CRE investment funds typically target a 8+ year hold, with our proposed secondary market you have the potential to exit your investments early.

The future is now

An investor experience like no other. Enjoy frictionless onboarding, interactive prospectuses, a digitised investment process, and transparent reporting.

Account creation & ID verification

Create an account and verify your identity quickly and easily; no more paper-based forms, or frustrating AML experiences.

Digital investment process

Select your investment amount, agree to the terms, then make an online payment to receive your allocation. Investing in commercial real estate has never been this easy.

Investor reporting & distributions

Track investment performance at an asset or portfolio level. Receive regular distributions directly into your bank account.

Integrated secondary market

Long hold periods on traditional real estate funds typically tie up capital for 8+ years. Our proposed Secondary Market offers the potential for early liquidity.

CRE is one of the most important assets for building long-term wealth

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Total returns icon

Strong total returns

Commercial real estate has historically produced attractive total returns relative to other asset classes.

Portfolio diversification icon

Portfolio diversification

The performance of commercial real estate is not closely correlated with stocks and bonds, providing substantial portfolio diversification.

Cash flow icon

Consistent cash flow

Commercial real estate is secured by long term leases which provide steady cash flow through rental income.

Capital preservation icon

Capital preservation

Commercial real estate, when properly vetted, leveraged and managed, has strong downside protection which helps preserve capital.

Invest across the capital stack

Access investment opportunities right across the commercial real estate capital stack. Find the right balance of risk and return to meet your investing goals.
Common equity holders receive most (if not all) the benefit of capital appreciation if the investment performs well. However, they are only paid after debt and preferred equity holders, therefore have limited downside protection.
Target Annual Cash Return: 6 - 8%
Target Annual Total Return: 12% +
From our investors

“I've bought 9 commercial properties over the past three years, and know first hand how involved you have to be when you fly solo. Jasper's model democratises this for non-investors and takes the sting out of it for seasoned ones.”


“As an investor for 15 years, I have found commercial property the most difficult asset class to access. Jasper's platform provides me with access to high-quality deals while offering low fees and full transparency across my portfolio.”


“I had always liked the idea of diversifying my portfolio with some exposure to commercial property, but the barriers to entry were so high. Jasper's platform breaks down those barriers; suddenly, it's unlocked a new world of opportunities.”


Join us and experience a smarter, better way to invest in real estate