Product Updates

Introducing the New Reporting Dashboard

We’re excited to announce a major update to Jasper’s investment reporting dashboard. Jasper's investors can now analyse cash and total returns using in-depth metrics and graphs at both the portfolio and fund level, access historical documentation on all investments, and drill down into individual property locations and metrics.

This update provides our investors with an unparalleled level of transparency, and establishes the foundation for future innovation in the coming months.

Key Features

Interactive and visual reporting

Investors now see a graph of total and cash returns at both the portfolio and fund level. The graph is interactive, allowing investors to adjust the time period for review, and deep dive into key dates. Returns for the chosen time period are broken out into both total and cash returns, and displayed in dollars, as a total percentage and as an annualised percentage.

Jasper dashboard graph - hd

Full transparency on valuations

At Jasper, we believe private real estate funds should be more transparent when discussing the Net Asset Value ("NAV") they are returning to their investors day one. Jasper's new reporting dashboard provides real time (calculated monthly) NAV for all funds from inception, helping our investors to understand the impact fees play on their investments, and allowing them to transparently track the value of their investment over time.

Jasper nav reporting - hd

Stay informed with upcoming key dates

Jasper investors now get a quick snapshot of a schedule that will allow them to keep up to speed with key distribution dates and quarterly reports.This ensures that our investors receive regular updates directly from our investment and asset management team.

Jasper keydates - hd

Access all transactions and documents

Investors can historically review their transactions and delve deeper into individual property metrics by location, allowing them to monitor their investment better. Jasper investors can also access a repository of reporting documents such as distribution statements, quarterly reports and other documents pertinent to their investment at a fund level.

Jasper transactions - hd

Interested in investing with Jasper? You can also learn more about Jasper and explore our investment options here.

Oliver Shaw

Published 16 March 2021