Why invest in commercial real estate

One of the most important assets for building long-term wealth

Downtown Auckland, New Zealand, key properties with prices based on CV as at 07/05/2020
*Prices based on CV as at 07/05/2020
Total returns icon

Strong total returns

Commercial real estate has historically produced attractive total returns relative to other asset classes.

Tangible asset icon

Tangible asset

Commercial real estate is one of the few investment classes that is a tangible asset that has meaningful intrinsic value.

Cash flow icon

Consistent cash flow

Commercial real estate is secured by long term leases which provide steady cash flow through rental income.

Capital preservation icon

Capital preservation

Commercial real estate, when properly vetted, leveraged and managed, has strong downside protection which helps preserve capital.

Portfolio diversification icon

Portfolio diversification

The performance of commercial real estate is not closely correlated with stocks and bonds, providing substantial portfolio diversification.

Pride of ownership icon

Pride of ownership

A highly underappreciated aspect of commercial real estate is the pride of ownership. There is great joy in owning the physical spaces that drive our economy.

Commercial real estate considered less volatile with higher returns compared to traditional asset classes

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