Unlock the capital in your property while maintaining ownership

Sell all or a portion of your commercial property to Jasper so you can realise the value you have built in your property, without the hassle of listing it publicly and the months of uncertainty.

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Benefits of selling with Jasper

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Sell the whole asset or just a portion

Liquidate just a portion of the equity in your property, maintaining the remaining equity for capital appreciation and cash flow purposes.

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Competitive offer and no brokerage fees

Avoid brokerage fees, delays, contingencies, and fall-through risk with an offer from Jasper at a competitive price.

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Make your asset liquid

Any equity you do decide to maintain in the property will now be more liquid, thanks to our secondary market you will be able to sell down this additional equity as you desire3.

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Hassle free process

Our data-driven underwriting process allows us to quickly evaluate the opportunity and provide you with an offer in a few easy steps. No listing process or marketing campaigns.

How is Jasper different?

Traditional Listing

  • List on the market for an average 75 - 90 days until closing

    Risk of buyer financing falling through

    Brokerage fees and upfront costs

    Required to sell the entire asset

  • Close in just a few days at a competitive price

    No brokerage fee or hassle involved in listing with an agent

    Avoid delays, contingencies, and fall-through risk

    Ability to maintain a portion of ownership

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