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Jasper fully subscribes the Jasper AU Healthcare Fund

We are happy to announce that our second marketplace offer, the Jasper AU Healthcare Fund (offered in conjunction with Elanor Investors Group), is fully subscribed 2 weeks ahead of schedule.

Mat Harvie, Head of Investor Relations at Jasper, commented: "Demand for this offer was particularly strong, with many investors resonating with the strength of the Healthcare sector, the quality of the tenants, the location of the assets, the compelling cash yield (6.34%), and the manager's track record. Furthermore, the fund has a strategy to return investor capital after three years."

At Jasper, we are committed to providing our investors with access to a diverse and unique selection of institutional-grade real estate investment opportunities with attractive risk-adjusted returns.

Alongside offers that we source and manage ourselves known as Jasper Originals, we also provide access to Marketplace Offers. Marketplace Offers are carefully curated investment opportunities sourced and managed by one of Jasper’s credible partners but accessible through the Jasper platform.

This means that Jasper's investors can build a diverse commercial real estate portfolio across both equity and debt offerings, from multiple fund managers, within multiple strategies and geographies. And they can do it all from the comfort of your own home, using a secure online platform.

Mat Harvie

Head of Investor Relations
Published 9 February 2022