How it works

It's a new and better way to invest in commercial real estate

Jasper provides an unparalleled investor experience with streamlined onboarding, digital subscription, transparent reporting, and a secondary market for improved liquidity.

Creating an account and verifying your identity is intuitive and simple

Paper-based identity verification for AML/KYC purposes can be time consuming and frustrating for any investor. We have built a digital investor accreditation process using biometrics and various API endpoints so you can create an account and start investing quickly and easily.

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create account and account details setup screens

Explore interactive prospectuses, enjoy complete transparency

Our property prospectuses are interactive experiences, immerse yourself with in-depth analysis of the opportunity, market, and price. Interactive graphs, maps, and media help you genuinely get to know the property. Information is clear, transparent, and honest, including what fees you pay and why.

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No more paper forms, a digital investment process like no other

We have created a frictionless investment process that is entirely digitised; you can select your investment amount, digitally sign the required documentation, then make an online payment to receive your allocation. Investing in commercial real estate has never been this easy.

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our business is built on-top of regulatory compliance and security principles

Track returns and manage your portfolio with ease

Track performance at an asset and portfolio level. Export your transaction data easily, in an accountant friendly format. Clearly understand what fees you are charged and why. Jasper's dashboard provides unparalleled transparency compared to analogue incumbents.

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When it's time to sell, use our integrated secondary market

Long hold periods on direct ownership and analogue syndication mean that invested capital is typically tied up for 8+ years. Our secondary market provides investors with the opportunity to sell their property investments3 to others on the platform, providing unparalleled liquidity for a syndicated offering.

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integrated secondary market

It’s a new and better way to invest in commercial real estate


Please note: Jasper's service offering is still in its development phase and subject to regulatory compliance.