Why invest with us

Expertise and technology combined to create the best investor experience

Jasper provides access to the highest-quality investment opportunities with low minimums, low fees, complete transparency, and liquidity.

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High-quality opportunities curated by an experienced team

Our investment team has extensive investment experience leading some of the world's largest property funds for established firms such as Blackstone & Goodman. Their experience extends to over 1000 transactions for more than $9B worth of high-quality real estate.

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A better investor experience in every way

Simple and intuitive onboarding (AML/KYC), a digitised subscription process and transparent online reporting. Jasper provides an unparalleled investor experience for commercial real estate.

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Technology is leveraged to drive better returns

We have invested in technology to enhance the traditional sourcing, analysis, and investment management processes. The ultimate goal here is to provide our investors with market-leading returns through low fees and unique opportunities.

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A secondary market for unprecedented liquidity

A secondary market will, in time, provide our investors with the opportunity to sell their property investments3, providing unparalleled liquidity for a syndicated offering.

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Low minimums and fees

Our technology provides operational efficiencies, allowing us to bring deals to market and onboard investors with minimum manual intervention. These efficiencies allow us to offer low fees and minimums.

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True alignment between all parties

Jasper's marketplace model aligns the incentives between Jasper, our investors and our operating partners. In addition, Jasper employees invest in each transaction alongside our investors. We all win together.

Jasper is suitable for investors of all types


Start building a property portfolio using relatively small amounts of capital. Rely on our extensive expertise to source high-quality properties for you. Cash dividends are paid directly into your account.


Diversify your capital across multiple high-quality commercial properties. Let us do the sourcing, due diligence and management for you. Transparent reporting provides clarity on fees and returns.


Leverage our data-driven model to help you deliver out-sized investment returns. Benefit from real estate’s low volatility and cashflow while having complete control over your exposure.

It’s a new and better way to invest in commercial real estate

Jasper combines the best attributes of direct ownership, analogue syndication and REITs.

Flexible commitment

Low fees



Investment expertise

Asset level discretion

Direct Deals

Analogue Syndication

Public REIT

It’s a new and better way to invest in commercial real estate

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