Why invest with us

Join us and experience a smarter, better way to invest in real estate

High-quality opportunities sourced by an experienced team. Low minimums, low fees and soon, a secondary market for improved liquidity.

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High-quality opportunities curated by an experienced team

Our leadership team's experience extends to over 1000 transactions for more than $25B worth of commercial real estate. We review hundreds of opportunities annually, after rigorous vetting, only a tiny fraction of these are selected for investing.

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True alignment of incentives between all parties

Jasper's employees and leadership team invest in each transaction alongside our investors. This aligns incentives between all parties, we all win together.

Transparent reporting icon

Transparent and honest reporting, clear communication

Track investment performance at an asset and portfolio level using our Investor dashboard. Clearly understand what fees you are charged and why. Receive regular communication directly from our investment and asset management team.

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A secondary market for unprecedented liquidity

Private CRE investment funds typically target an 8+ year hold, with our proposed secondary market you have the potential to exit your investments early.

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Low minimums and fees

Our proprietary technology allows us to bring deals to market and onboard investors with minimum manual intervention. We pass these operational efficiencies onto our investors in the form of low minimums and fees.

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A frictionless and enjoyable investor experience

Select your investment amount, digitally agree to the terms, then make an online payment to receive your allocation. Investing in commercial real estate has never been this easy.

Suitable for investors of all types

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New to CRE investing

Build a real estate portfolio using small amounts of capital. Rely on our extensive expertise to source high-quality opportunities for you. Distributions are paid directly into your bank account.

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Experienced Investors

Build a diversified portfolio across multiple high-quality commercial properties. Let us do the sourcing, due diligence and management for you. Enjoy transparent reporting.

Insitutional investors icon

Institutional Investors

Leverage our data-driven model to help you deliver out-sized investment returns. Benefit from real estate's low volatility and cashflow while having complete control over your exposure.

Join us and experience a smarter, better way to invest in real estate