Product Updates

New investment reporting features

If you've ever invested in a managed fund or a public REIT, you know how frustrating it can be trying to find key performance metrics and information on an asset by asset basis. If you've invested in traditional commercial property syndications before, you might have a hard time finding your real return based on paper-based quarterly reporting.

We believe that as an investor, you should be able to access comprehensive and transparent reporting on all your investments, in real-time.

We are therefore pleased to announce the release of our new investment reporting function, available today to all investors in Holmes Road Industrial and investors in all future offers. To access, click through one of your investments from "My Portfolio" when you're signed in to Jasper.

Investment Reporting preview animation

With this update our investors can now get a quick snapshot of real-time investment performance on an asset by asset or portfolio basis, access investment-related documents, receive updates from the asset manager, access in-depth quarterly performance reports and annual tax reports, and get a comprehensive breakdown of your distribution payments.

It's a new & better way to invest in commercial real estate.

Oliver Shaw

Published 28 February 2020