An alternative to real estate investment trusts

Looking to invest in a REIT alternative?

Jasper is a digital platform for investing in institutional-quality commercial real estate assets. Our model combines the best qualities of direct property ownership & REITs, creating a new technology-driven real estate investment method.

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Similarities between REITs & Jasper


A well-diversified portfolio contains a mix of asset types to limit exposure to any single asset. With both REITs and Jasper, investors can invest across a multitude of properties to minimise risk, preserve capital and generate stable returns.

Pooling capital

REITs & Jasper both pool capital from multiple investors, making the asset class more accessible. Jasper’s minimum investment amount is $1,000, meaning an individual at any stage in their investing career – from beginner to institutional – can invest.


Investing in commercial real estate is traditionally illiquid. When an investor chooses to sell a property, they may wait several months until the deal closes. Both Jasper & REIT's offer improved liquidity by giving investors the ability to exit.

How is Jasper is different to public REITs?

Asset level control

With Jasper, investors can select the markets, locations, and properties they prefer and have complete control on a deal-by-deal basis. REIT investors have no choice over the investments made by the REIT managers, and there is less transparency about the underlying investment properties. Jasper allows investors to create a unique and personalised portfolio tailored to their risk and return preferences.

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Improved transparency

Although REITs have strict reporting guidelines, most investors know very little about the properties in a REIT portfolio or the fees applied at the property level. Jasper provides investors with absolute clarity on every property they invest in and the associated fees.

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Lower volatility

Direct property ownership through Jasper, offers significantly lower volatility than equity markets and is more closely tied to the performance of the underlying asset.

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How does our platform compare to market alternatives?

We combine the best attributes of direct asset ownership, traditional property syndication & REIT's.
Flexible commitment
Low fees
Investment expertise
Asset level discretion
Direct Deals
Analogue Syndication
Public REIT
From our investors

I had always liked the idea of diversifying my portfolio with some exposure to commercial property, but the barriers to entry were so high. Jasper's platform breaks down those barriers; suddenly, it's unlocked a new world of opportunities.


I've bought 9 commercial properties over the past three years, and know first hand how involved you have to be when you fly solo. Jasper's model democratises this for non-investors and takes the sting out of it for seasoned ones.


As an investor for 15 years, I have found commercial property the most difficult asset class to access. Jasper's platform provides me with access to high-quality deals while offering low fees and full transparency across my portfolio.


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