Commercial Property in NZ

Build your wealth through commercial property investment

Jasper allows New Zealand investors to start growing their wealth through commercial property investment. Minimums start from just $1000. High-quality opportunities, low fees, low minimums and a secondary market for liquidity.

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Suitable for all real estate investor types


Start investing from as little as $1,000, and rely on our extensive expertise to source high-quality commercial properties for you. Our secondary market allows you to sell your commercial property investments, as and 
when needed.


Diversify your capital across several NZ commercial properties. Let us do the sourcing, due diligence & management for you. We also provide transparent reporting & complete clarity of fees & returns.


Utilise our data-driven model to help you deliver out-sized investment returns. Benefit from commercial properties low volatility & cash flow, while having complete control over your exposure.

A new & better way to invest in commercial property

High-quality opportunities, curated by an experienced team

Our seasoned acquisitions team works hand in hand with our network of local operating partners to source high-quality commercial investment opportunities. We fully underwrite each property that meets our initial criteria to mitigate risk; this includes analysis of income expiry profile, tenant covenants, asset management opportunities, demand and supply analysis, ERVs, market considerations and tenant intelligence.

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Creating your account is intuitive and simple

Paper-based identity verification for AML/KYC purposes can be time consuming and frustrating for any investor. We have built a fully digital onboarding and identity verification process so you can create an account and start investing quickly and easily.

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Explore interactive and transparent prospectuses

Our prospectuses are interactive experiences. Immerse yourself with in-depth analysis of the opportunity, market and price. Interactive graphs, maps and media help you get to know the property in granular detail. Information is clear, transparent and honest, including what fees you pay and why.

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No more paper forms, a digital investment process like no other

We have created a frictionless investment process that is entirely digitised; you can select your investment amount, digitally agree to the terms, then make an online payment to receive your allocation. Investing in commercial real estate has never been this easy.

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Track returns and manage your portfolio with ease

Track investment performance at an asset and portfolio level. Export your transaction data easily, in an accountant friendly format. Clearly understand what fees you are charged and why. Jasper's investor dashboard provides unparalleled levels of transparency across your portfolio.

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If you need to sell, use our integrated secondary market

Long hold periods on traditional real estate funds mean that invested capital is typically tied up for 8+ years. With our proposed secondary market, you have the potential to exit your investments early, providing improved liquidity for a private offering.

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