An alternative to real estate crowdfunding

Crowdfunding Real Estate Alternative in New Zealand

While real estate crowdfunding and Jasper do share some similarities, several important distinctions make Jasper a far superior option for investors looking to grow their wealth through commercial real estate investment.

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What sets us apart from real estate crowdfunding?

We understand the importance of due diligence

Crowdfunding marketplace owners do not typically complete their own rigorous due diligence; they rely on a third-party operator to have the investment expertise. Here at Jasper, our investment team performs thorough analysis and due diligence on every opportunity we make available to our investors. Our team has worked for some of the world's leading property funds, with experience extending to over 1,000 transactions for more than $12B worth of institutional-grade real estate.

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Jasper invests alongside our investors in every deal

Unlike a large number of real estate crowdfunding syndicates, Jasper and our operating partners invest alongside our investors in every single deal. Jasper has a vested interest in properties that produce strong returns – for our investors, and ourselves.

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Our fee structure is aligned with our investors best interests

Jasper's fee structure is built primarily around ongoing fund management fees and the property's performance. This means we are incentivised to build long term investor relationships and drive investor returns. Crowdfunding platforms, on the other hand, operate as a brokerage and charge fees on total funds raised. This fee structure urges crowdfunding platforms to sell as much as they can, regardless of investment quality.

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A secondary market for unprecedented liquidity

Crowdfunded real estate deals are generally not liquid investments with most real estate crowdfunding platforms having an investment period of up to ten years. Jasper's secondary market offers investors the opportunity to sell their property investments to other investors on Jasper's platform, providing unparalleled liquidity.

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How we compare vs market alternatives

Jasper combines the most attractive attributes of direct ownership, property syndication and REITs.
Flexible commitment
Low fees
Investment expertise
Asset level discretion
Direct Deals
Analogue Syndication
Public REIT

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