Term Deposits vs CRE Investing

Why choose commercial real estate over term deposits?

Current term deposit rates barely cover the rate of inflation. With Jasper, you can invest in multiple pre-vetted commercial real estate assets managed by an experienced team across a variety of markets, property types & risk-return profiles.

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Advantages to commercial real estate

High-yielding Cash Flow

CRE is typically secured by long term leases that provide steady cash flow through rental income. Current dividend yields from CRE sit between 4 - 8%, significantly higher than current term deposits rates.

Future Capital Growth

Commercial property yields have remained roughly 150 basis points higher than savings interest rates, meaning our investors earn higher total returns over other market alternatives.

Ease of Accessibility

Quickly transfer your capital across to Jasper in a matter of minutes using our fully-digitised subscription & payment process. Once your account is active, enjoy rich portfolio reporting for your NZ investment activities.

How Jasper works

High-quality opportunities, curated by an experienced team

Our leadership team's experience extends to over 1,000 transactions for more than $25B worth of commercial real estate. We review hundreds of opportunities annually, after rigorous vetting, only a tiny fraction of these are selected for investing.

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A secondary market for unprecedented liquidity

Private CRE investment funds typically target an 8+ year hold, with our proposed secondary market (launching late 2020) you have the potential to exit your investments early.

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Transparent & Honest Reporting

Track investment performance at an asset and portfolio level using our Investor dashboard. Clearly understand what fees you are charged and why. Receive regular communication directly from our investment and asset management team.

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Jasper invests alongside our investors in every deal

Jasper's leadership team invest in each transaction alongside our investors. This aligns incentives between all parties, we all win together.

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